Bootleggers Landing

Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Year: Completion 2020
Client: Private
Petra Sattler-Smith

This 8-unit development is designed for the active urban dweller lifestyle. These modern townhouses maximize use of the last remaining waterfront parcel in Bootleggers Cove and fit seamlessly into the neighborhood context.

The site design focuses on creating a pedestrian-centric streetscape along the front of the homes, with a private front yard and bike rack at each unit’s entrance. Garages and driveway are located behind the buildings to reserve the front for people, not cars. The streetside facades of the units are oriented southwest, optimally capturing sunlight. Solar photovoltaic panels convert a portion of that light into electricity for homeowner use, while the rest is filtered through natural wooden slats as it enters the generous windows of the open-plan living space and third-story bedrooms.