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Ideal House

Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Year: 2007
Awards: 1. Place
Client: Cook Inlet Housing Authority
Team: Petra Sattler-Smith, Klaus Mayer, Ron Bateman, Friends of H2H, Tamas Deak, KPB

The house is divided into modules that separate activities into three distinct activity zones.  The private zone groups activities that require privacy.  Sleeping, bathing and study take place in this area which is distinctly separate from the rest of the house.  The semi-private zone accommodates group activities. Dining, recreation, entertaining, and family social life take place in the single large space.  The plan allows these activities to flow naturally into two adjacent outdoor spaces which receive full sun at different times of day.  From this space, activities in the yard can be easily monitored. The utility zone is a multi-functional space which contains the utility systems of the house and the implements of life; the car, the lawnmower, the bicycles, and the skateboard.  Its location in the plan allows it to function as an overflow activity space.  The plan is set on the north side of the site with the length of the house being on an east west axis.  Windows are concentrated on the south face of the house.  This allows maximum southern exposure, bringing maximum light and sun into every primary living space in the house.  Street side entry occurs near the center of the house, at a distinct point of separation between activity zones in a way that immediately telegraphs the design principle and a welcoming entry to this small house. Construction is based on structural insulated panels. Rain screen cladding with local cotton wood siding.  Concrete slab on grade.  It is engineered to receive a second floor and thus can grow 100% without giving up any yard space or needing any costly foundation work.

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