Core Pilates

Location: Anchorage, Alaska
AwardAIA Alaska Citation Award 2011
Client: Private
Team: Petra Sattler-Smith, Klaus Mayer

Core Pilates studio is located in a strip mall in south Anchorage. The interior of the 3,732 sf studio space is used for Pilates classes, massage and circuit training. Natural daylight passes into the studio through large storefront windows on both sides.

The main design feature is a 13’ tall transparent white curtain that separates the space in a playful way. The curtain also allows flexibility in case larger areas are desired for different group activities. The curtain as an architectural element embodies a sense of transparency throughout the space; light passes through suggesting silhouettes of movement behind yet provides privacy for the class participants.

The white fabric creates a vibrant, clean, restful, and refreshing environment which when combined with the large custom light fixtures (PVC- stretched membrane) and natural daylight create a soothing atmosphere in which to work out.

The reception area is the “core” of the studio. Its Douglas fir circular wood counter stands in contrast to the overall white interior. Together with the cylinder above it anchors the area in the otherwise open floor plan. Green accent walls and natural cork flooring give the space a refreshing and balanced feeling.