Sound Mirror

Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Year: 2009
Client: Temporary Art Installation
Team: Petra Sattler-Smith, Klaus Mayer, Marisa Favretto

FREEZE was an outdoor, winter exhibition with a coordinating series of public lectures and programs that featured designers (architects, artists, landscape architects, lighting designers, graphic designers and others) from around the globe working in collaboration to create installations that featured, as primary materials, snow, ice and light – elements that characterize winter in the north.

Sound Mirror is inspired by Northern states of change and flux in weather, environment, light, and atmosphere. We are interested in in emphasizing these juxtapositions, highlighting the states in nature that area significant to states of perception. We are interested in the work acting as a mirror to the elements – light, landscape, passing birds, planes, sounds – while creating a space/form specific to viewer interaction – via size, orientation, and composition.

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