Future Tents- Aristotle's Lantern_01

Future Tents:
Aristotle’s Lantern

Location: Un-built
Year: 2016
Awards: Runner-up
Client: Competition Entry
Team: Petra Sattler-Smith

We all needed to escape, even for a short time. I never thought that we all could get together to celebrate winter solstice. But we did.  And it was amazing! We found this remote place. Everybody helped setting up. First the wooden platform. Than we had to roll the hot tub up the hill which was a challenge of course. But fun too. We brought a ton of fire wood and stacked it around the hot tub. I loved that smell, but also how it created privacy in the space. At night you could hear the snow falling onto the lightweight outer shell- quietly the melted snow would run down – into the tub. I will never forget this night.  Sitting in a hot tub, surrounded with beautiful nature, good friends, food and conversations. And the northern lights. The unique beauty of this experience, like natural hot springs, an oasis of relaxation… healing and truly amazing!

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